46 Production Operation Management

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1. 46 E I Production/Operations Management 98 Operation Management IDR 6.050.000 PRODUCTION/OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Production/operations is responsible for supplying the product or services of an organization. Operations managers make decisions regarding the operations function and its connection with other functions. The operations managers plan and control the production system and its interfaces within the organization and with external environment. Having attended this workshop, the participants are expected to: Operations management framework Operations planning and scheduling Inventory management Quality management Cost control of operations Maintenance management Workforce management Productivity improvement Simulations of applying concepts Understand the functions and roles of operations in a company Understand decisions undertaking in operations management Understand the planning and controlling of operations resources and output Understand the planning and controlling of operations cost Understand the methods to improve productivity Problems To Be Addressed Objectives . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Subjects Covered Who Should Attend Managers, Supervisors and Staffs who are responsible for managing production and operations Produksi/operasi bertanggung jawab terhadap penye - diaan produk/jasa dari sebuah organisasi. Manajer operasi harus membuat keputusan terkait fungsi operasi dan hubungannya dengan fungsi-fungsi lain. Manajer operasi harus merencanakan dan mengendalikan sistem produksi dan berhubungan dengan lingkungan internal dan eksternal. Kerangka manajemen operasi Perencanaan dan penjadwalan operasi Manajemen sediaan Manajemen mutu Anggaran biaya operasi Manajemen pemeliharaan Manajemen tenaga kerja Peningkatan produktivitas Simulasi penerapan konsep Memahami fungsi dan peran operasi di perusahaan Memahami keputusan-keputusan dalam manajemen operasi Memahami perencanaan dan pengendalian sumber daya dan output operasi Memahami perencanaan dan pengendalian biaya operasi Memahami teknik-teknik peningkatan produktivitas operasi Menjawab Masalah Apa . . . . . Apa Saja Yang Dibahas Siapa Yang Perlu Ikut Manajer, Supervisor dan Staf yang bertanggung jawab dalam bidang produksi dan operasi . . . . . . . . . Manfaat Apa Yang Anda Peroleh Setelah selesai mengikuti program ini, peserta diharapkan mampu:


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